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Single Serving: The Shivers – Charades

New York’s The Shivers were recently recommended to me by fellow music-obsessive Tobi who hosts the German-based music blog @home in nurnberg.  And, I tend to agree with his opinion of these New York rockers.  Their latest album is titled Sunset Psalms and is full of the type of soul-filled, raunchy rock ‘n roll that Lou Reed carved out beautifully for subsequent generations on Transformer back in 1972.  And while I may later review that album in greater depth, this post is dedicated to the first track I heard by the Shivers – “Beauty” which appears on a prior release – Charades.  It is a sweltering love song marked by a simmering melody and sparse, steamy instrumentation.  It is one of those songs that can leave you all hot and bothered in all of the right ways.  You can buy both Charades and Sunset Psalms direct from the band on their website.

The Shivers – Beauty

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Posted by Matthew Hickey

Matthew is the music editor and co-founder of Turntable Kitchen. He’s addicted to vinyl records, pour over coffee, craft beer, small batch bourbon, and pan roasting pork chops.

  • audiollama

    Beautiful track! I didn’t know that one so far, great as every single song from Sunset Psalms.

    Good luck tomorrow for the Giants game. At least your team was successful on the weekend. My FCN wasn’t so lucky. And I also love to watch NHL and the Rangers, unfortunately they also messed up their weekend game. What are the chances that the Giants advance to the World Series?

  • Hey Tobi!

    Good to hear from you! And happy to be able to introduce you to a track by the very band you introduced to me.

    As for sports: Sorry to hear that the FCN wasn’t so lucky. I also wish we would have done a little better yesterday – but hey tomorrow is another chance, and at least we won Saturday.

    Anyways, the commentators all seem to think the Giants are the underdogs, but I think we could surprise people. Our pitching is some of the best in the game – and although our offense can be weak when looked at as a whole – the individual players know how to knock a ball out of the park when they need to win a game. Trying to not get my hopes up too high though.

  • audiollama

    Sometimes the underdog role is not the worst, especially in big games or here, in such a big series. And you’ve won away, that’s pretty good. The series before the World series, must be an amazing feeling. The game’s tomorrow at 10 in the evening for me, maybe I’ll find a stream on the internet.

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