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Musical Pairings @ eating/sf: the October 2010 mix

Welcome to what will likely prove to be the last Musical Pairings monthly mixtape.  But worry not: as most of you know, Kasey and I hope to unveil our new site — Turntable Kitchen — in the very near future,  and I’ll continue to offer regular mixtapes at our new home.

Readers with diverse and ecclectic tastes will probably love this latest mix, but even if your tastes are narrowly tailored – you’ll likely find a lot to like here no matter what your preference.   You’ll find scrappy lo-fi/garage/punk rock via tracks by Seapony, Straight Arrows, Wheels On Fire, & Surf City.  You’ll find witch house/chillwave courtesy of tracks by LAKE R▲DIO, †een wi†ch, Seeing Suge, & Balam Acab.  The Seeing Suge track will appeal to fans of experimental hip hop, as will the chopped and screwed remix of “I Rep” by Megazord.  The Liminanas provide a little international flair with their brand of French garage rock.  Electronica fans will enjoy Seams and the Kingdom remix of Sleigh Bells “Tell ‘Em.”  And if you just want some good-old-fashioned indie rock, you need look no further than Spoon, Belle & Sebastian, Menomena and Michael Trent.  Oh, and that Michael Trent song has a really catchy backing New Orleans style brass-band if you are really hard to please.

Best of all, I think the mix stays pretty fluid throughout — and — any one of these tracks could be considered a highlight.  Let me know if you discover a new favorite!

Musical Pairings @ eating/sf: the October 2010 mix (.zip file)

1. Seapony – Dreaming
2. Wheels on Fire – Black Wave
3. Menomena – TAOS
4. Michael Trent – Bad Luck
5. The Shivers – Beauty
6. The Limiñanas – Berçeuse pour Clive
7. Belle & Sebastian – Write About Love
8. Spoon – Nobody Gets Me But You (demo)
9. Sleigh Bells – Tell ‘Em (Kingdom Remix)
10. †een wi†ch – suc·cess·ful (ft. Drake, Trey Songz & Lil Wayne)
11. Seeing Suge (Starslinger / Blackbird Blackbird / Emay) – Breaking (Lately)
12. LAKE R▲DIO – Chant
13. Straight Arrows – Bad Temper
14. Surf City – Kudos
15. Seams – Hung Markets
16. Balam Acab – Regret Making Mistakes
17. Megazord – I Rep (Feat. Ludacris, Dre Day, And Kez)

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