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Single Servings: Paperfangs – ePop006 Digital Single

Paperfangs are “a collective of three daydreamers scattered across Finland.  A brother, a sister and a friend.”  They are also recording some of the catchiest — most melodically infectious — dream pop you could ever hope to find.  Indeed, the output released thus far by this trio of Finnish daydreamers is hazily upbeat — reflectively sparkling like light from a puddle of water, and propelled forward with crisp, thin rhythms that shimmer in the distance.   Their latest release is a free digital single available from EardrumsPop.   If you like these tunes I strongly urge you to head over to their Soundcloud page to stream the track “Oh I Wandered.”

Paperfangs – The Fastest Planes
Paperfangs – Violet (Kiss Kiss Fantastic Cover)
Paperfangs – Books

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