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Single Serving: Memoryhouse – When You Sleep (My Bloody Valentine Cover)

As my readers know, I’ve been in love with Memoryhouse at least since when we first posted their cover of Grizzly Bear’s ‘Foreground’ back in February that featured what I described as “soft acoustic guitar sparkl[ing] alongside a gently droning production and Denise’s lovely but affectless vocals.”  And although there is no question that I prefer their original material (“Bonfire” may be one of the best songs this year), their covers are pretty inspired too.  Well, they have unofficially/officially released another beautifully inspired cover — this time it is a live recording of My Bloody Valentine’s “When You Sleep” featuring Evan on piano.  The recording is from a performance that was recorded for Yours Truly at The Sub in San Francisco (which gets my vote for the coolest place in the city right now).  It is was a warm, intimate performance that I hold especially close to my heart as Yours Truly invited me to join them for the show.  Give it a listen below, and grab that Grizzly Bear cover if you missed it before.

Memoryhouse – When You Sleep (My Bloody Valentine Cover)
Memoryhouse – Foreground (Grizzly Bear cover)

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