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Single Serving: Mickey Brown – Vision Quest

I got a new one for ya that I think you’re gonna like.  Mickey Brown is a collaboration between Los Angeles’ Mickey Mickey Rourke and Canadian Lester Brown blending dream pop, tropical rhythms, and psychedelic soul.  So what does it sound like?  Sunny psychedelic melodies waft like early-morning light filling a sound space filled with texture and vintage synth instrumentation.  Bright synths sparkle wistfully alongside laid-back, drugged-out beats.  It’s glo-fi.  It’s hazy.  It’s the debut full length for the collaboration, and it’s titled Vision Quest.  It’s also available from their bandcamp page.

Some thoughts for you:

1) What do you think: like/dislike/love?  They both have solo albums that you may be seeing around here soon, so I’d love to hear your feedback.
2) Sparkly, hazy, synth-pop. Is this chillwave? Is it something else?  I’m leaning towards “something else,” but would love to hear your take.
3) I bet these guys could rock a great remix.  Who’d you like to hear them tackle?

Mickey Brown – Benjemiya
Mickey Brown – Mickey Brown Will Save Us

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