Local Pairings: Eddie Bo - "Funky Yeah" and "S.G.B." singles (paired w/ New Orleans) - Turntable Kitchen
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Local Pairings: Eddie Bo – "Funky Yeah" and "S.G.B." singles (paired w/ New Orleans)

We’re taking a break from our usual programming to provide you with something a little different: a little late-60’s/early-70’s New Orleans’ style funk/rock.  Kasey is featuring a city guide based on her recent visit to New Orleans, and so I wanted to share my love for my favorite musician from the “City of Mystery”: Eddie Bo.  And sure, I’ve featured Eddie Bo on these pages before, but I think his work is awesome-enough to bare repeating.  If you missed our previous post about him, Bo was an accomplished singer/songwriter/musician from New Orleans who passed away last year.   Eddie wrote and recorded a deep collection of upbeat, lively tracks ranging from soul, R&B, rock and funk beginning in 1955 all the way into his 70’s.  It has been said (I’m quoting from Wikipedia): “Eddie Bo on stage was a total celebration of New Orleans life and New Orleans music. Others became more famous, but Eddie Bo was the greatest.”

Eddie Bo – Check Your Bucket
Eddie Bo – S.K.G.
Eddie Bo – Funky Yeah

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