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Musical Pairings: Beach House – Devotion (paired with crab cakes with roasted pepper sauce)

If you are looking for an amazing recipe that will impress the pants off (perhaps literally) your someone special, you need look no further. The crab cakes recipe that Kasey is sharing with you over at eating/sf is amazing. We prepared it as our New Year’s Eve dinner to end the year with something special, and it seriously hit the mark. Every part of the recipe can and should be made from scratch: fresh crab meat, homemade Spanish paprika-accented aioli and roasted pepper vinaigrette. Crab cakes are, of course, most commonly associated with Maryland and especially Baltimore. So it seemed appropriate to select Baltimore, Maryland’s Beach House‘s 2008 album Devotion to pair with this recipe.

Beach House is a Maryland based duo composed of guitarist/keyboardist Alex Scally and singer/organist Victoria Legrand. With its quiet, sparse percussion and warm instrumentation, Devotion is hazy and ethereal. Legrand’s vocals are quietly passionate and glow beneath the haunting, textured music the duo crafted for this record. Devotion is somewhat solemn, indeed, it can be described as almost pastoral, but it is solemn without being downbeat: this is no funeral dirge. Instead, it is more like the melody of a lovelorn dream that remains bright and optimistically romantic at its center. It is the music that rolls in as you lay down, contented and drowsy, to relax on a cool beach after sunset. And ultimately, there can be no question: Devotion is about love. You can find a copy for your record collection over at Insound.

Beach House – Gila

Head back to eating/sf to read Kasey’s recipe for the best crab cakes you’ll ever sink your teeth into.