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New Music Buffet feat. the Fiery Furnaces, Golden Shoulders, Dragon Turtle, and Stricken City

The Fiery Furnaces have a new album called Take Me Round Again that was released digitally only on November 5th. In theory, Take Me Round Again is a collection of cover, but it is also a collection of alternate takes of previously released songs. In other words, it features the members of the Fiery Furnaces re-writing each other’s work. As Eleanor (who accounts for 1/2 of the Fiery Furnaces) put it: “I’ve gotten into the habit of rewriting songs Matt has written, just as a way of practicing and singing at home. Originally, I had wanted to record a folk-style record called Eleanor Friedberger sings the songs of the Fiery Furnaces.” Instead, they decided to release this album. Matt and Eleanor each re-worked 6 songs that originally appeared on I’m Going Away retaining only the lyrics from the original. The album was released digitally on November 5. Bay Area fans of the Fiery Furnaces can catch them this Friday (November 20, 2009) at Slim’s in San Francisco with Cryptacize and Dent May.

MP3: The Fiery Furnaces – Keep Me In The Dark (Eleanor Friedberger Version)
Golden Shoulders is a collective with a rotating lineup of musicians who each contribute different amounts to various songs and albums. The collective hails from Nevada City, California, and are lead by songwriter Adam Kline. Their latest album Get Reasonable was recently released, and may be one of the year’s best kept secrets. Catchy pop songs that burrow a place in your brain right between the synapses that love Wilco and the Beatles.

MP3: Golden Shoulders – Mountain
Dragon Turtle are billed as ‘Ambient winter calypso space folk,’ and amazingly that description makes a lot of sense. Dragon Turtle consists of Brooklyn, NY/Pennsylvania duo Brian Lightbody and Tom Asselin. Their debut album Almanac was released on November 10, and is available on CD, limited pressing of 500 on colored vinyl(!) and digital download. It is lush, highly textured and furiously dense in ways that somehow sound like the musical equivalent of staring across heavily-forested, natural landscapes at night.

MP3: Dragon Turtle – Islands of Broken Glass
~~~Stricken City is a band from London formed by Iain Pettifer (guitars) and Rebekah Raa (vocals/keys) who first met in a math class where “they were wearing exactly the same clothes and quickly coupled over a mutual appreciation of introverted, romantic guitar music.” The duo were joined by Kit Godfrey (drums) and Mike Hyland (bass) to round out the group. Their debut, Songs About People I Know, is the musical definition exuberance, youthfulness and good pop. Songs About People I Know is being released in a limited edition vinyl of 500 pressings.

MP3: Stricken City – Small Things