Single Serving: Iron & Wine (Live at Aquarius Records, San Francisco, CA ~ 5/7/2009) - Turntable Kitchen
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Single Serving: Iron & Wine (Live at Aquarius Records, San Francisco, CA ~ 5/7/2009)

Iron & Wine is releasing a rarities compilation on May 19, and is currently touring in support of the record. He stopped by Aquarius Records in San Francisco and took requests from the audience. I recorded the whole show, and Musical Pairings is happy to offer an exclusive download of the six song set.

It was a small intimate performance (maybe 100 people in the store – sitting on the ground). Sam joked with the audience a lot, and had to end Passing Afternoon abruptly when he forgot the next lyric. All and all it is a pretty fun little set, and I especially like that he played one of my favorite Iron & Wine rarities – Dead Man’s Will. MP3s and a Youtube Video I recorded below.

Iron & Wine – Live at Aquarius Records, San Francisco, California (5/7/2009)

1. Iron & Wine – Love and Some Verses
2. Iron & Wine – Dead Man’s Will
3. Iron & Wine – Naked As We Came
4. Iron & Wine – Upwards Over the Mountain
5. Iron & Wine – Passing Afternoon
6. Iron & Wine – Trapeze Swinger

I trimmed the first minute and half off of the first track. It is essentially Sam interacting with the crowd, and taking requests. If you’d like to have the complete performance, you can download that here:
Iron & Wine – banter / taking requests

And here is a video of Dead Man’s Will. I’ve also posted a copy of Upwards Over the Mountain on Youtube. I have more, and if there was interest I could post those as well.

By the way, if you enjoy live Iron & Wine performances, I highly recommend stopping by Played Last Night where you can download soundboard recordings from most of his shows since 2007 (excluding most festivals and instore performances). Oh, and if you are in San Francisco, why not stop by Aquarius Records and “buy something?”