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Musical Pairings: Burial and Roasted Chicken Soup

March is the heart of the rainy season here in San Francisco. It can be a depressing time if not dealt with properly. Enjoying a bowl of hot, chicken soup can be one sure fire way to awaken your spirits on a cold, rainy day, and Kasey’s Mexican style chicken soup is a nice tasty alternative to the potentially boring traditional chicken soup. If you are looking for an equally creative musical pairing for your rainy day meal, I can highly recommend Burial’s Untrue.

Burial is an anonymous dub-step producer from London who has worked with folks such as Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and Bloc Party. Untrue is his sophomore album–it’s simply breathtaking. Ghostly vocal loops, ambient vinyl crackle, and intimate rolling rhythms blend together to form a sonically rich album that you’ll want to listen to from start to finish on your next rainy day or late night drive.

Thanks to Stereo/Paste you can check out the excellent track Etched Headphones and Burial’s remix of Bloc Party’s Where is Home.

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