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Exploring, Plus More Sushi (Review)

Some of you may have noticed a new little link in the left hand tab of the page. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now and finally pulled it together. I’m in the midst of creating a similar page for my reviews as well. My favorite food bloggers all have a handy dandy index of recipes that I browse often for inspiration. I find that it helps when you’re not sure what to look for, or are just visiting for the first time and want to get a feel for what each blogger likes to cook. My list is still small, as I’ve only gotten into heavy blogging a few months ago. But, I hope to grow it and diversify it as I continue to cook more. Hopefully, I’ll be adding fun recipes from friends and fellow foodies.

In the meantime, I continue to explore my farther surroundings. As I have a very good friend in Alameda who often makes the effort to cross bridge into my hood, I thought it was time for another East Bay visit. We weren’t set on a place to go, but as dinnertime got closer, all seemed to have a craving for sushi, so we went to check out Angel Fish Japanese Restaurant.

The restaurant is housed in a shopping center which is rarity here in San Francisco. But, once inside, it’s clear that this restaurant was definitely no Mr.Chow’s. At 8 pm, it was packed to the brim, but the four of us were promptly seated. Angel Fish’s menu is split between appetizers and hot dishes as well as sushi. I have to say that most of the rolls were pretty standard–nothing too out of the ordinary (though my group ordered a squid and salmon roe roll that was apparently quite good–I was too full at this point). I got my usual salmon nigiri, which would have been perfect, except for the MASSIVE blob of wasabi that was stuck underneath the beautiful piece of fish. I really don’t understand why some Japanese restaurants throw wasabi on their nigiri. I feel like it kills the taste and tenderness of the fish. I learned my lesson after the first bite and for my halibut nigiri, white tuna and the other piece of salmon, I careful lifted the fish and took off the extra bit of wasabi before eating.

I definitely thought that the best rolls were the simplest–yellowtail with green onion, salmon and avocado. It was evident that the ingredients were extremely fresh. The hot sake we ordered to go with our meal was also quite good. This is the second sushi place I’ve been to in Alameda and I have to say that I’ve come to at least one conclusion: the East Bay has better sushi than the South Bay. Since growing up in San Jose, I’ve been to many a sushi restaurant, but have never been that impressed, to be honest. Not until I moved to San Francisco, did I discover great sushi. But, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find out that there are other places out there that can also offer great fish. Creativity-wise, though, I’m yet to find matches for Koo and Jimisan. Even Ebisu can play (the dragon roll is a can’t miss).

I was interested to find Sushi Ran, a sushi restaurant in Sausalito, following me on Twitter and am looking forward to feeding my sushi addiction in more places!