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The Best Vinyl Record Storage Options

One of the many benefits of owning vinyl records, as opposed to digital music, is that they are tactile. You can hold them in your hands. And, of course, there’s also that glorious 12” by 12” cover art. Plus, if it’s a gatefold jacket, then 12” by 24” inner sleeve art. Indeed, record jackets are art that can be proudly displayed in your home as part of your home’s decor.

There’s just one problem. Where do you store those records? Particularly as your collection grows, collecting vinyl records means you’ll need some thoughtful storage solutions.

Here are a few of our favorite options, broken down into four separate categories: individual record displays, record bins, record cabinets, and our pick for a good long term storage/moving option. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to update your turntable, you’ll want to check out our new guide to selecting the best turntable or record player.

Individual Record Displays

image: Amazon

Album Frames: Album frames are just standard picture frames sized specifically to display vinyl records. These are a perfect solution for displaying album covers that you want to showcase on your walls like any other piece of art.

The only downside? It’s not a practical solution for albums you want to play regularly since you’d have to take the entire frame off the wall and open it up to get to the record. If that’s not an issue (because the record is expected to be for display only for example), then this is a great option for many people. Amazon sells these for $12.95 each but you can find them at many places that sell picture frames.

image: Prather

Prather Record Ledge: The Prather Record Ledge (available as a single or double size ledge) solves the issue I mentioned with album frames. Namely, it’s easy to access and play the records you’ve put on display and, as a bonus, the ledge itself is very stylish. In fact, Prather makes the ledge available in five different wood types and with multiple stain options. They make these available at a mere $20 bucks a pop and they’re by far the most attractive solution available. Buy directly from Prather.

image: Prather

Prather Record Stand: Not looking to actually mount the record to your wall but want a way to display that beautiful album art? The Prather Record Stand may be what you’re looking for. It’s attractive, simple and functional. Like their record ledge, it’s available in five different wood types. We have one in our home standing on our record cabinet that we use to display the album we’re currently listening to. They’re $30 and you can buy one directly from Prather.

Record Bins

image: Flipboard

Flipbin: We’re big fans of these beautiful, tabletop storage bins. They’re super sleek and modern looking. They’re available in ten different colors and super sturdy; they’re made of aluminum with a powder coated finish. They offer two styles, the Model 33 (for 12” LPs) and the Model 45 (for 7” records). We have one of each model on display in our home. Get ‘em here.

Prather Record Rack: The Prather Record Rack holds about 30-40 records and is absolutely beautiful. It’s constructed with a wood frame (and, as usual, they offer a variety of wood options including poplar, walnut, cherry and maple) with a cross bar made from either wood, galvanized steel or copper. They offer both standing and wall mounted options as well as single and double sized options. Again, we have one that we love and use in our home. Select the one that suits you best here.

image: Amazon

Kaiu Record Storage Holder: This simple piece features a solid wood base with clear acrylic ends that allows you to easily flip through your records and display the album art. It’s available from Amazon for $32.99.

Record Shelving Units and Cabinets

image: IKEA

IKEA’s Kallax: This simple shelving unit may be the most ubiquitous shelf used by record collectors worldwide. You can stand them vertically or horizontally. You can add doors. They’re available in 9 different colors/finishes. And best of all, the shelves are the perfect dimensions for storing vinyl records. They’re $64.99 from IKEA.

image: Amazon

Crosley Manchester Entertainment Stand: This is a nice, retro piece that works as both a side table and record storage piece. It’ll hold about 50 LPs and is available from Amazon for $65.45.

image: CB2

CB2 Dean Record Cabinet: The Dean Record Cabinet from CB2 is stunning, but somewhat pricey unless you’re pretty committed to make your vinyl collection a focal point in your home. It boasts a mango wood shelf and thin copper legs. It’s (currently sold out) $649 from CB2 and so, so pretty.

image: Urban Outfitters

Corner Store Vinyl Storage Rack: This vintage-inspired metal storage rack offers three pockets for storing and displaying your vinyl. It’s a relatively space efficient option and the retro design would look good in many homes. It’s available from Urban Outfitters.

image: Atocha Design

Atocha Design: If budget is no option then you’ll definitely want to take a peek at the record cabinets from Atocha Design. Their customizable, made-to-order 8-drawer Record Cabinet is the stuff dreams are made of for hard core collectors. They start at just over $5000 and can be ordered directly from Atocha Design.

image: Symbol Audio

Aero Storage Cabinets: With their solid maple cabinets and unique swivel drawers, the cabinets by Symbol Audio are pure eye candy for audiophiles. Prices start at around $3000 for their LP cabinets and are available directly from their website.

Long Term Storage / Travel Case

image: Amazon

Odyssey Carpeted Storage Cases: One of the trickiest aspects of record collecting comes up when you need to safely move or store a sizable collection. When we moved from San Francisco to Seattle, we used a few of these to safely transport my 800+ record collection and they worked like a charm. They may not be particularly attractive but they’re very heavy duty and durable and will protect your collection like nothing else on the market. Prices ranges depending on the size you need but you can find them on Amazon.