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TK074: Ghostly Kisses – What You See EP

Kasey and I love traveling. It’s a big part of our identities and something we bonded over early in our relationship. And, as you’d imagine, food and music are always a big part of our travel plans. Before each trip, Kasey will spend hours pouring over restaurant reviews and guides to local can’t miss cuisine. Meanwhile, I do a deep dive into the local music culture including local artists, venues and the best record shops to visit for a little crate digging.

This was how I recently discovered the breath-takingly beautiful music of Montreal-based Ghostly Kisses (a.k.a. singer, songwriter, composer Margaux Sauvé) before a recent visit to Montreal.

Sauvé’s music grabs hold of you instantaneously. It’s her voice that stands out most on first listen. It’s ethereal and lush. Haunting. Ghostly, indeed. But her compositions are equally notable. They’re precise, uncluttered and stately. Bright tones blink softly amid dark synths. Strings, finger snaps and little vocal harmonies are judiciously woven into each song. It’s all beautifully atmospheric and minimal.

And so it’s with a little extra pride and excitement that we’re able to share her debut EP on wax for the first time ever in this month’s Pairings Box and Coffee & Vinyl subscriptions.

The a-side to the vinyl unfurls softly with the pensive and starry “Roses.” It moves slowly, purposefully amid echoing synths and tight, short beats to accompany evocative, poetic lyrics, “Faded roses in the backyard / Reminding me of how long it has been / Just a small place called our home / With my heart, far from yours.”

It’s followed by the sparkling, gem-like electro pop vibe “Such Words.” Glittering, echo-laden notes blend with violin, crisp piano keys, and sharp electro-accents. It’s a personal favorite and a truly special cut.

Meanwhile, the b-side kicks off with the track that served as my introduction to her music, “Empty Note.” It’s an incredibly gorgeous tune with a humid atmosphere lit by bright synths and Sauvé’s own breathy, strong vocals. It’ll leave you with goosebumps.

Finally, the collection closes up with “What You See.” It’s a string-lead tune that moves with the grace and fluidity of a feather slowly floating in great arcing paths through the air. This one will send you home with butterflies in your stomach.

We couldn’t be more proud to share this collection with you this month! We’ve pressed 350 standard copies on grey vinyl alongside a special edition of 175 copies on black and white a-side/b-side vinyl exclusively for gold club members. To get one you just have to subscribe to either the Pairings Box or Coffee & Vinyl Pairings.