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Single Serving: Hop Along – How Simple

Single Serving: Hop Along - How Simple

In 2015 Hop Along released my favorite album of that year, Painted Shut. The collection defied specific genre distinctions and relied on depth, artistry, brilliant songwriting and musicianship – not to mention an inimitable vocal performance from Frances Quinlan. This April the Philly band will return with Bark Your Head Off, Dog and the first single “How Simple” is a dazzling culmination of the unique musical sensibilities of Quinlan and co.

The track is full of memorable moments – Quinlan’s somewhat restrained but more rich than ever voice, honest and introspective lyrics, a bouncing and contagious rhythm, swelling strings and a captivating group vocal melody. It might be the most pop oriented the band has ever been but it doesn’t make their approach any less idiosyncratic.

Bark Your Head Off, Dog is out April 6, 2018 on Saddle Creek Records.