Single Serving: Maggie Rogers - Alaska - Turntable Kitchen
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Single Serving: Maggie Rogers – Alaska


These days life has been a finespun balance of work, family, living and eating; weaving through the ins and outs of the day-to-day often leaves me both mentally and physically exhausted and by the evening my brain slumps in a rut. I can always count on music during these times, granting my mind time to wander without purpose, energizing me, thus pulling me back up on my feet.

The debut track from singer-songwriter Maggie Rogers titled “Alaska” has served as my mental liberation lately. Rogers voice, with her sweet, calming croon takes me by the hand and leads me to this fantastic landscape she paints with her sound. The beat captures the innate sense of blissfully roaming the wilderness like a vagabond, while the upbeat tempo can’t help but leave a smile on your face.

With an extensive background in folk music, Maggie took a break with making music to study abroad and rediscover herself. During that time she had a spiritual experience with dance music and upon her return she found herself obsessed with making music again, blending the natural sense of the folk contained in her blood with artificial release you get with dance. The product, “Alaska,” is a beautiful showcase of what she has discovered about herself and is a gift to us all.

Check it out below and keep your ears peels for more from this amazing young talent.