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Single Serving: Mac DeMarco & Jon Lent – I Was A Fool To Care (James Taylor Cover)

Mac DeMarco - I Was A Fool To Care (James Taylor Cover)

“Every now and then a doggie needs his sweet baby James.” ~ Mac DeMarco

I’ve always admired Mac DeMarco’s ability to mask a profound truth behind his goofball demeanor. Here, Mac and his pal/touring keyboardist Jon Lent tackle a disarmingly breezy take on James Taylor’s “I Was A Fool To Care.” The video features a man in a gimp mask clutching a picture of James Taylor and wandering around through the wetlands.

At the risk of reading too deeply into this, I’m going to suggest that what Mac’s really saying is that, sometimes, even a man wearing a gimp mask just needs to listen to some James Taylor. To ease the pain. Also, sometimes, just sometimes, it’s easier to watch The Simpsons if we take off our form fitted black leather masks and just chill.

Will you take off your form fitted black leather gimp mask and give this one a listen?