SIngle Serving: Chris Cohen - As If Apart - Turntable Kitchen
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SIngle Serving: Chris Cohen – As If Apart

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Chris Cohen‘s latest album As If Apart officially drops in under a week. I’m dying to hear it. As in, I’m impatiently squirming in my seat, nervously tugging on the edges of my shirt, over caffeinating myself while I wait.

So, you might think it’d be a good thing to hear yet another smoking hot total jam of a single from the album. Because the title track “As If Apart” is just that. A total smoky, bright piano led, psych-rocking jam. And, yet, it doesn’t make me feel better about the next week of waiting. In fact, if my pre-order doesn’t arrive early I may not have any cuticles left.

Mark my words, this album is going to be fun.