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Single Serving: All Dogs – That Kind Of Girl


Maryn Jones might be indie music’s hardest worker. Not only is she a member of Columbus indie-folk band Saintseneca but she recently released her debut solo album as Yowler, and her indie-pop trio All Dogs will drop their debut full-length Kicking Every Day at the end of the month.

The album’s first single, “That Kind Of Girl,” shows off their punk aesthetic as the track rips through an urgent and intense two and a half minutes. The song is a clear as day plea for an ex-lover to, well, get on with it. The track opens with Jones singing, “And I know that I am always fucking up your world / You are better off not messing with that kind of girl,” and finishes up with, “What’s that mean? Stay away from me!” just to hammer the point home.

Salinas Records will release Kicking Every Day on August 28th.