Single Serving: Youth Lagoon - The Knower - Turntable Kitchen
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Single Serving: Youth Lagoon – The Knower

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Last week Youth Lagoon, a.k.a. the project of Idaho-based Trevor Powers, announced the followup, Savage Hills Ballroom, to his excellent 2013 LP Wondrous Bughouse. He also dished up a free 7″ vinyl featuring the album’s first single “The Knower.”

If you missed out on the hard-to-find free vinyl, you can now hear the track below. It’s definitely one of the best tracks we’ve heard this year. It’s sonically fuller and more direct than anything we’ve received from Powers to date with a stuttering rhythm, hook-filled melody and beautiful, brassy horn blasts to round things out.

Savage Hills Ballroom drops on September 25th.