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Single Serving: vōx – Put The Poison In Me

vox - Kris Punturere - 8_zpsqsogiykk

If you needed another reason to be excited about this month’s featured artist in our Pairings Box, here it is. Last week we announced that we’d be releasing a slick piece of wax featuring 4-tracks from the incredibly talented vōx and today we’re able to share her latest single (the lead track on the b-side of the vinyl) “Put The Poison In Me.” Built solely from ringing piano and Winters’ weary but passionate croon, it is absolutely spellbinding.

The vinyl is exclusive to this month’s Pairings Box (and coffee + vinyl subscription service) and is limited to 500 total copies. You can still get one if you sign up before end of the day on July 15th but – fair warning – we’re almost sold out and after that there are no guarantees.