Take a listen to a mind-altering new single "Waterfall" from Icelandic duo Vök.

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Single Serving: Vök – Waterfall

Vínyl grafík

Icelandic threesome Vök create the type of music that can remove one’s mind from reality. The sound enters your ears and suddenly you’re transported to some other far away exoplanet where the world as you know it ceases to exist.  For example, their latest single “Waterfall” can send your brain into a beautiful, dimensionless spiral. Both lyrically and melodically, Vök has captured an array of underwater elements that will allow your imagination to flow freely and clearly throughout their song.

From the beginning the bass line and electronic tempo mimic a heartbeat, ambient synths wistfully blow over like a chilling wind, then Margrét Rán’s soothing voice takes your hand and leads you deep into the water, “breathe in for the last time.” As the song continues the heartbeat strengthens its pace a calm panic begins to set in and before you know it you are buried in “Waterfall.” By the end of the song you will find yourself gasping for air as you remove your headphones. Truly, it’s an incredible piece of work.

Vök’s latest EP Circles has been out since the end of May, however to celebrate Icelandic National Day they recently put all four incredible songs on Soundcloud for all to hear. To get a taste, take a listen to “Waterfall” below. If you like what you hear, you can also stream a pair of excellent tracks from their 2013 Tension EP as well.

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Posted by Matt Dillon

Matthew Dillon is a Sacramento based Mechanical Engineer. He enjoys the challenge of concert photography, brewing his own beer, making things out of wood and metal, and getting lost in a crackling campfire.

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