Single Serving: Living Hour - Miss Emerald Green - Turntable Kitchen
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Single Serving: Living Hour – Miss Emerald Green

Living Hour

Here’s something new we’re excited about. Like a daydream of a beach vacation, “Miss Emerald Green” by Winnipeg’s Living Hour is ethereal, sweltering and tropical. Indeed, the atmosphere is starry and psychedelic but there’s a warm current of sweeping, beach-side melodies flowing just beneath the surface. Close your eyes, take a listen, and let the current carry you out to sea. We’re excited to hear more.

You’ll also find the previously released single “Steady Glazed Eyes” below. Their self-titled debut is being released as a collaboration between Tree Machine and Art Is Hard. Tree Machine will be releasing a limited number of cassettes (a mere 200 copies) on April 23rd and Art Is Hard Records will be releasing the vinyl later in the Spring.