Single Serving: Skylar Fri - Man Is Strange - Turntable Kitchen
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Single Serving: Skylar Fri – Man Is Strange

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This gem from Skylar Fri showed up in my inbox yesterday afternoon and was very nearly overlooked. But later, moments before deciding to call it a night, I opened the email (after skipping over dozens more), clicked on the Soundcloud link, clicked play, and found myself transported. I think it might just have been calling to me.

Atmospheric and crystalline, it’s a smooth vibe with sultry vocals, bubbling bass, and effervescent synths: “Man is strange, don’t you think? Thinks he don’t have anything – until he loses it.”

Skylar Fri’s Facebook page was created yesterday and the track was accompanied by no biographical info. With tracks like this, I’ll be eager to learn (and hear) more.