Single Serving: Blood Cultures - Indian Summer - Turntable Kitchen
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Single Serving: Blood Cultures – Indian Summer

Blood Cultures - Indian Summer

There’s an increasing trend to release music by new artists with no names or biographical information. A song pops up on Soundcloud and/or Bandcamp with little background information. Although I recognize that it’s often intended, at least in part, as little more than a marketing scheme, I like this approach. Unlike pop music built on a cult of celebrity persona, it allows the music to speak for itself. New Jersey-based Blood Cultures fits into this trend of (literally) faceless music. The only information presented on his Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages is this mysterious picture, the band name, that he (presumably) hails from New Jersey, and the single itself. Normally I’d tell you all about the song, the lyrics and the instrumentation, but in honor of the way it was presented to me, I’m just going to let the tune speak for itself. I will say that I think it’s quite good.

You can buy the track from Blood Cultures Bandcamp page.