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Single Serving: Ewert And The Two Dragons – Good Man Down

Ewert and The Two Dragons

Folk-tinged indie-rock quartet Ewert And The Two Dragons are beloved local heroes in their hometown. In fact, I have it on good word that in their hometown, “these dudes are like U2 and Justin Bieber – massively & extremely popular.” After listening to their sophomore album Good Man Down, it’s not really hard to imagine why. Songs like album opener “(In The End) There’s Only Love” and the album’s title track “Good Man Down” feature warm, catchy melodies and strong rhythms. It’s just good music. So it’s not surprising that the boys would attract a dedicated following. What is more surprising, however, is that the hometown in question is the city of Tallinn in the Republic of Estonia. Thankfully for fans in the States, they are embarking on a full scale tour of the U.S. (including a Bay Area gig tonight at Bottom of the Hill).

Find tour dates and merch on their website.