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Turntable Kitchen’s Coffee & Toast Mixtape

There are few things I enjoy more in life than a cup off hot coffee and some toasted fresh bread (with a little honey spread on it). In fact, if I were Radiohead, I’d write a banging song about coffee and toast and title it something like “Black Stoutz Burnt.” It’d have swirling arpeggios, harmonies sung by a choir of English schoolchildren, and gnarly Phil Selway percussion. And if I were Fiona Apple, I’d write a whole album about the combo and title it something like, “Yeasted Bread Is Toasted And Browned While The Bitter Brown Beans Are Ground To Fine Dust And Slowly Extracted With Searing Hot Water And Consumed Slowly From A Ceramic Mug Which Although Chipped Along The Rim Is Nonetheless Sturdy And Clean.” Of course, everyone would just call it “Yeasted Bread” album. Unfortunately, I’m a mere music blogger and I can’t write a song. Not very well anyways. Instead, the best I can offer is this humble mixtape which was inspired by my love for coffee and toast.

So, with that in mind, I’m dedicating our February mix to that simple, but magical, combination. The mix features new tracks by Purity Ring, Kurt Vile, Pure X, Theophilus London, Germany Germany, Seatraffic, and a host of artists that we love and previously featured on TK. As usual, there is also an eclectic selection of new artists that are brand new to these pages including Jenn Grant, Guy Fox, Big Leaf Indian, Spirit Tramp (which I discovered over on I Guess I’m Floating), Night Panther (which I also originally discovered thanks to IGIF), Bora York, Luisine, Klings, and more. Hopefully, you’ll find some music you can love at least half as much as I love my coffee and toast.

Turntable Kitchen’s Coffee & Toast Mixtape (.zip file)

01. Purity Ring – Grammy (Soulja Boy Cover)
02. Blue Hawaii – Try To Be (No Big Deal Remix)
03. Kurt Vile – Wakin On A Pretty Day
04. Pure X – Things In My Head
05. Jenn Grant – I’ve Got Your Fire
06. Guy Fox – San Francisco
07. Big Leaf Linden – Throw A Punch
08. Seatraffic – Superficial Heart
09. Spirit Tramp – Uphill
10. LVST JAPAN – Girl – VIP
11. Bora York – Close Your Eyes
12. Lusine – Another Tomorrow
13. Klings – Explain Myself
14. Paris 96 – Afternoon
15. Night Panther – Lioness
16. Haiku Salut – Los Elefantes
17. Inc. – 5 Days
18. Pretty Heart – Toy
19. Big Deal – Teradactol
20. Germany Germany – Apollo