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Single Serving: Matthew Dear – Her Fantasy

Imagine if Depeche Mode, Trent Reznor, and Underworld had a baby. How freaking amazing would its music sound? It’s hard to imagine what their superhuman spawn might create. Nonetheless, I’ll go ahead and suggest that if they did, their sweet little love child might just be named Matthew Dear. That bouncing baby boy would be a Detroit based producer that spun out textured grooves mixing upbeat, dark house-inspired grooves and gritty rhythms. It would be pretty glorious and I’d listen to that man’s music on repeat this week.

Shockingly, Ghostly International‘s Matthew Dear sounds quite a bit like the above mentioned combination, and his album has also been filling my headphones with some sensual, black beats that are as honey-sweet as they are viscous and textured. Take a listen to album opener “Her Fantasy” below.

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