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Turntable Kitchen :: The August 2012 Mix

Something tells me you might be sniffing around here for some new music. If my hunch is correct, then you’re in luck my friend. Our August 2012 Mix is splitting at the seams with all of the best new jams I could wrangle together. First, there are new tracks by folks you’ll probably recognize like Cat Power, The Sea and Cake, The Record Company, Com Truise, Thee Oh Sees, Moon Duo, Jhameel, Lightouts, and Dum Dum Girls. But there are also tunes by some amazingly hot up-and-coming new artists like Turtle Giant (I’m freaking out a little over how freaking awesome their EP is), Mind Enterprises (I already preordered their debut single and you should too), To Kill a King (I promise you’re gonna feel this one), Highasakite (mmm, yeah. mmm, yeah), Night Panther (ready for some funky grooves? of course you are!), Young Hunting (smooth, smooth jams), Mac DeMarco (uh, huh), Alexis Davis (slick hip hop to get your jam on), Born With Stripes (some clean, fun pop), and Barbarian (some melodic, fun rock). With this mix, the world is yours.

Turntable Kitchen :: The July 2012 Mix (.zip file)

01. Turtle Giant – We Were Kids
02. The Sea and Cake – Harps
03. Mind Enterprises – Summer War
04. Cat Power – Cherokee
05. The Record Company – On The Move
06. To Kill A King – Howling
07. Moon Duo – Sleepwalker
08. Thee Oh Sees – Flood’s New Light
09. Highasakite – Indian Summer
10. Com Truise – Chemical Legs
11. Germany Germany – Stockholm (feat. Kotomi)
12. Jhameel – Stayin’ Alive (Bee Gees Cover)
13. Night Panter – Fever
14. Young Hunting – Sweet Bird
15. Mac DeMarco – My Kind Of Woman
16. Dum Dum Girls – Lord Knows
17. Alexis Davis – Look
18. Born With Stripes – Sundream
19. Lightouts – The Big Picture
20. Barbarian – Days of Youth