Single Servings: Exray's - Trust A Robot - Turntable Kitchen
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Single Servings: Exray’s – Trust A Robot

Oh, dear readers, do I ever have a bag full of awesome musical treats for you (figuratively speaking that is). The savoriest of those treats may be the irresistible, noir-styled electro pop grooves of San Francisco-based duo Exray’s. In fact, if you bump into me on the street and make the mistake of engaging me in a conversation about music, there is better than average chance I won’t shut up about them. Honestly, I’ve been listening to their upcoming album Trust A Robot incessantly. It’s warm and enveloping like a blanket woven from laid-back, synth-heavy melodies and skeletal down-tempo rhythms. Get your chill on with this pair of tunes plucked form the heart of the album. Oh, and if you’re wondering: yup, the album contains even better gems. Definitely worth your time. More great new music to come.

Exray’s – Yellow Light
Exray’s – Ancient Thing

This one can be picked up June 26 on limited-edition cassette from hOWELLS tRANSMITTOR.