Single Serving: The Mohicans - Uncas - Turntable Kitchen
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Single Serving: The Mohicans – Uncas

OK, so I’ll confess: I’ve been jamming out a lot to music on Turntable.FM.  In fact, I’m slowly becoming a bit of an addict.  I try to stay away, but keep finding myself sneaking into a room and waiting impatiently for a chance to DJ for a few.  It has not been good for my offline productivity.  Nonetheless, it has meant that I have piles of new music to share with you.  So for now I’ll start by sharing this Dallas, Texas based hip hop duo which take their name from the movie The Last of the Mohicans. They mix smooth flow and deep, bouncy bass with twirling electro-rhythms.  It’s easy enough to describe, but I’ll let you just take a listen.  Besides… I think is calling me.

Mohicans – Fa Shiggadow

Stop by their Soundcloud page to download some more tracks from their forthcoming debut Uncas.