Single Serving: Mux Mool - Drum EP 2 (Newly Mastered) - Turntable Kitchen
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Single Serving: Mux Mool – Drum EP 2 (Newly Mastered)

I’m not that familiar with Mux Mool, but this track I received via email from Ghostly International is a total jam and definitely has me interested in hearing more.  While sifting through his Soundcloud page I also discovered a totally boss rework of the Goblin Town theme song from the original Hobbit animated movie.  The album cover for Drums EP 2, which for me invokes 80’s metal, is in no way representative of the upbeat and grooving electronic rhythm that propels “Jen and Soda”, but it is nonetheless completely awesome.  I’m going to let the track speak for itself here.

Mux Mool – Jen and Soda

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