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Single Serving: The Weeknd – Various Tracks

Weeknd are a mysterious Canadian R&B duo.  Mysterious in the sense that there isn’t a lot of info available about them in terms of a bio at the moment.  What I do know is they’ve been promoted by Drake and at least one of their tracks was produced by Toronto producer Doc McKinney.  And that’s it. The reason I care is because they’ve released some of the most mesmerizingly dark and sexy R&B I’ve heard in a long time. The tracks “What You Need”, for example, feature sparse melodies with slow, punchy rhythms alongside scandalously prurient lyrics: i.e. “he’s what you want / I’m what you need” and “I love it when you look down at me / and I’m looking up at you.”

Weeknd – What You Need
Weeknd – Loft Music
Weeknd – Wicked Game

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