Single Serving: Magic Places – 2071 EP - Turntable Kitchen
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Single Serving: Magic Places – 2071 EP

My highly esteemed music-blogging colleague at Unholy Rhythms sent me a brief e-mail yesterday asking me if I’d be interested in what she described as “chopped up, dancey, electronic music for the nu age”. Uhm, yeah I would. After all, I need something good to listen to until that new Radiohead album drops on Saturday. A few e-mails later and this opening track from the 2071 EP by Savannah-based Magic Places showed up in my inbox.  And it is damn good: lovingly textured melodies and kinetic-charged rhythms mingle alongside dank, chopped-up vocal samples and brilliantly-lit synths.  This won’t just tide me over until Saturday, these tracks will definitely be finding spots in my regular rotation for some time to come.  You can download the EP at Unholy Rhythms site or over at Mediafire.  You won’t regret it. Then, if you find yourself fiending for more, stop by Magic Places bandcamp to pick up some of their other EPs including A Selection of Fine Victorian Wallpapers which includes the singles “Blessed Connector” and “Digital Lightspeed.”

Magic Places – Clerestory Window
Magic Places – Blessed Connector (from A Selection of Fine Victorian Wallpapers)
Magic Places – Digital Lightspeed (from A Selection of Fine Victorian Wallpapers)

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