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Single Serving: Dead Western Plains – Alta 7″

As you might imagine, I’m always excited to discover great new music.  And that is exactly what I got when I recently received a bundle of 7″ records from Fort Lowell Records.

After I posted my Top 7″ vinyl releases of 2010, James from Fort Lowell contacted me to put my list to the Pepsi challenge. Essentially, he suggested that a number of his label’s artists would have made the list if I heard them.

And you know what?  He was right.  Of course, it should go without saying that my Top 7″ releases can only incorporate the best music I heard through the year – which inevitably means I miss a few great records every year.  It turns out a number of the records I missed were released by Fort Lowell.  Better late than never though – right?

Amongst those great singles was the debut single from  Dead Western Plains — a Tucson, Arizona based five-piece.  Their single “Alta” is a deliriously rambunctious, floor-board stomping pop song featuring billowy synths, squealing guitars and a wandering melody that weaves through a seamless collage of distinct interwoven parts.  In other words, it was right up my alley.  The singles b-side “Gift Horse In The Mouth” is structurally as experimental as the single’s a-side and just as good too.  It features twinkling, clattering percussion and humming synths that flow alongside a droning guitar riff and even, dryly focused vocals.  Stop by Fort Lowell Records to add it to your collection.

Dead Western Plains – Alta

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