Single Serving: Warpaint - The Fool - Turntable Kitchen
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Single Serving: Warpaint – The Fool

Los Angeles-based all-girl quintet Warpaint have been growing on me in the past several weeks.  I’d received their debut album, The Fool, in my inbox several weeks ago, but mostly shrugged it off.  Flash forward to the present, and I’m spending a lazy day cooped-up in the apartment listening to the album again – and honestly dumb-founded as to how these dreamy and deftly layered shoegaze melodies and these punchy, chugging rhythms got past me the first time.  My best guess is that I just hadn’t turned up the dial on my stereo loud enough when I first listened to ’em because these strangely spiraling, psychedelic tracks can be warmly all-surrounding and hypnotic if you give them the room to breathe.  So turn it up and feel the breeze.

Warpaint – Undertow (edit)

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