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Single Serving: Memory Cassette – Call & Response EP

If you read these pages regularly, you are already familiar with Davye Hyde (a.k.a. Memory Tapes), but you may not have heard his pre-Memory Tapes material.  Released only shortly before he adopted the Memory Tapes names, Memory Cassette is pretty much what you’d expect from the man: beautifully hypnotic melodies flowing over slow, bubbling beats.  Definitely one of chillwave’s finest.  You can purchase the rest of the EP at Amazon or iTunes.

A few thoughts I’d love to hear your opinion on:

1) Chillwave: love it/hate it/still wondering what it is?
2) Is chillwave here to stay for the foreseeable future?
3) What would you pair this one with? I’m thinking: rocket pop.

Memory Cassette – Surfin’

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