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Single Serving: Twins of a Gazelle – "Constellations" single

Washington D.C.’s Twins of a Gazelle was one of those rare awesome surprises that I occasionally discover in my inbox (thanks to the fine folks at Life Under Radar).  Originally founded by Dave Mann and Emily Chimiak, Twins of a Gazelle has quickly evolved into a full-fledged “indie rock orchestra” incorporating 20+ members.  As the bands first “official” single, “Constellations” is breathtakingly ambitious.  It starts off innocently enough with a rubbery, subdued bassline alongside light, whispery vocals with quietly crashing percussion splintering in the background.  But the melody unfolds  slowly with the inclusion first of a keyboard, then an electric guitar, a glockenspiel, a big “whoa-oh-a-oh” chorus and stately violin.  It is beautifully grand and demonstrates that the group has the talent to follow-through on their ambitions.  The track “Sugarcane” is featured over on their bandcamp page as well.  A more stripped-down affair, it further demonstrates the band’s versatility as it invokes a more subdued atmosphere and features a completely different primary vocalist.  They are prepping their debut E.P.

Twins of a Gazelle – Constellations
Twins of a Gazelle – Sugarcane

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