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Musical Pairings: Field Music – Field Music (paired w/ asparagus frittata)

Kasey prepared an asparagus frittata for a recent brunch party that we hosted for her birthday and despite some hesitation owing to my general dislike of asparagus, I really enjoyed the dish.  And I know I wasn’t alone — far from it in fact– as the entire frittata was quickly consumed by our guests, disappearing nearly as quickly as Kasey’s immensely popular homemade cinnamon rolls.  The frittata was somewhat festive and delicate, yet assertive.  And for that reason, my recommended musical accompaniment to this meal is Field Music‘s 2005 self-titled debut.   Field Music is filled with pop goodness that features delicately-woven harmonies and upbeat melodies.  Thus, it is a great choice for an album to get your brunch party off on the right foot.

With bright, powerful guitar hooks that zig-zag across lush compositions filled knee-deep with nearly incandescent vocal harmonies, Field Music’s tunes are definitely upbeat.  Album opener “If Only The Moon Were Up” blasts open with a bang before being propelled forward with a jittery guitar riff before Field Music’s dual vocalists, Peter and David Brewis, begin to swap their enigmatic vocal harmonies.  Its a feel-good opener which works as an appropriate introduction to their music.  Indeed, the album really has only one downbeat tune – the nonetheless pretty “Like When You Meet Someone Else.”  The album’s greatest pop moments come during the infectious “You’re So Pretty…” as well as the swelling “Shorter Shorter,” the chiming “You Can Decide,” and the slyly clever “Luck Is a Fine Thing.” Unless it gets reissued on vinyl, you’ll have to be content with a digital download of the album at iTunes or a copy of the CD (available at Insound).

Field Music – You’re So Pretty

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