Musical Pairings: Horse Feathers - House With No Home (paired w/ eggs in purgatory) - Turntable Kitchen
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Musical Pairings: Horse Feathers – House With No Home (paired w/ eggs in purgatory)

The baked eggs dish (a.k.a. eggs in purgatory) looks somewhat unusual, but actually contains a number of homey, traditional ingredients such as eggs, tomatoes, potatoes, artichokes and capers.  It is the comforting, homey qualities of the recipe that make it a perfect pairing for Portland, Oregon’s Horse Feather‘s 2008 sophomore album House With No Home.  It is an album of delicate, nuanced and quietly beautiful folk music that call to mind laid-back afternoons idled away in the country-side laying in the grass and staring up as clouds slowly amble across the sky.

The melodies that coalesce together to form the body of House With No Home arise from a creative spark ignited by singer/guitarist Justin Ringle and multi-instrumentalist Peter Broderick.  Folk tunes, subtle and sparse instrumentation, House With No Home will appeal to fans of artists such as Bon Iver, Iron & Wine, and Bonnie “Prince” Billy.  Opening track “Curs in the Weeds” is crafted around a simple string arrangement and acoustic guitar forming a tune that floats gently like a feather falling to the ground as Ringle sings: “Lover of things / won’t you agree / how the winter could bring / the darkest spring?”  Ringle’s upbeat vocals and a circular acoustic guitar melody mark a comfortable atmosphere that steadily rises on the track “Working Poor.”  But, as the lyrics to “Curs in the Weeds” would suggest, much of the album is preoccupied with feelings of discomfort and unsteadiness.  Musically this is most apparent on cuts such as “Heathen’s Kiss” and “Father Reprise.”  The former cut is full of nervous energy whereas the latter is ghostly and distant.  Still, both tracks retain a sense of beauty and stoic charisma.  You can buy House With No Home at Insound.

Horse Feathers – Curs in the Weeds

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