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Musical Pairings: Matt & Kim – Grand (paired w/ lemon-oregano grilled jumbo shrimp)

And we’re back.  And it’s been a week since our last Musical Pairing.  Our excuse is that we’ve been getting pretty slammed around here.  In addition to the usual, ho-hum work excuses, we also flew out to Michigan for our friends’ wedding.  We hit a casino, visited Motown, crashed two other weddings, and took a long (but fun) road trip with two other good friends.  And now that we are back, you’ll notice Kasey brought her A-game.  That lemon-oregano grilled shrimp recipe is simply delicious.  In my book, the combination of citrus with savory herbs is a sure hit – and when you add that the shrimp are grilled – it just doesn’t get any better.  So it addition to selecting an upbeat, awesome album for pairing with the recipe – I also selected an album featuring a tune we jammed to a couple of times during the road trip: Matt & Kim‘s Grand.

Matt and Kim are a hyper punk-tinged pop duo from Brooklyn that consists of keyboard player Matt Johnson and drummer Kim Schifino.  Grand is their sophomore album, and although it only represents a slight stylistic change in the duo’s music from their also excellent self-titled debut, it does reflect their growth as songwriters and a healthy-infusion of polish with regards to the recording quality itself.  It sounds fuller, more lively, and more polished.  Aside from the recording, Matt & Kim also pull out their A-game on tunes like “Daylight,” “Good Old Fashioned Nightmare,” and “Lessons Learned”: three tracks that alone justify the price of admission to any Matt & Kim show.  But they aren’t the only great cuts on this relatively solid album.  Pick it up at Insound.

Matt & Kim – Daylight
Matt & Kim – Daylight (Vodka & Milk Remix)

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