New Music Buffet feat. Memory Tapes, Lemon Sun, and Holopaw - Turntable Kitchen
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New Music Buffet feat. Memory Tapes, Lemon Sun, and Holopaw

Memory Tapes – “Graphics” Single

Memory Tapes (a.k.a. Weird Tapes, a.k.a. Memory Cassette) is the project of Philly producer Davye Hyde. Although I haven’t gotten around to reviewing his excellent full length record Seek Magic yet, I didn’t want to miss the chance to share his recently released free single for “Graphics” b/w the b-side “Easy Pert Mom.” “Graphics” opens with chirping electro-hum synths and Hyde’s distant, buried-under-tape-fuzz lyrics “I’ll be your love / I’ll be your friend / I’ll be part of the illusion / that led you on / and turned you away / but I’ll forget it all.” The melody is hazy, floaty, and beat based. Somehow it just sounds like a lazy epic. The vinyl release of the full length is limited to 1,000 copies and is still available at Acephale Records.

Memory Tapes – Graphics (edit)
Memory Tapes – Easy Pert Mom

Lemon Sun – “Touch The Lightning” Single

Lemon Sun is a Los Angeles based band led by singer/guitarist Rob Kolar. Their latest single “Touch The Lightning” is a danceable cut of psych-pop goodness. Kolar describes the lyrics (“the skies are calling / I want to touch the lightning”) as a call to break from conformity to follow a path that may be dangerous, but more fulfilling. Kolar carries a lot of playful swagger to the track and is egged on by steady percussion and ringing keyboards. This jam just feels good. You can pick up their latest album Run With the Faithless on iTunes.

Lemon Sun – Touch the Lightning
Holopaw – Oh, Glory. Oh, Wilderness.
Holopaw is a Gainesville, Florida indie rock band consisting of songwriters John Orth and Jeff Hays, and joined by Patrick Quinney, Matt Radick, Jeff McMullen, Christa Molinaro and Jody Bilinski. Their latest album Oh, Glory. Oh, Wilderness. was released this past November. This single “The Art Teacher and The Stallion” recently showed up in my inbox, and is the first track from that album. To be honest, I haven’t heard the album yet – but if it is anywhere near as good as this single it is worth picking up.

Holopaw – The Art Teacher and The Stallion