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New music Buffet feat. Wiretree, Cold Cave, Parlour Steps, & Ben's Imaginary Band

Wiretree is an Austin, Texas based 4-piece that writes upbeat, melodic pop songs that succeed equally as a result of their crisp simplicity as well as for their thoughtfully prepared arrangements. Obvious comparisons include Wilco, George Harrison, and Field Music. They released their sophomore effort, Luck, earlier this week. Check em out, I think you’ll like what you hear:

MP3: Wiretree – Back In Town

Cold Cave is a Philly/New York trio that create darkwave synth pop that balances the sounds of cold keys/synths with static warmth. The result is hypnotically danceable music that effortlessly engages the listener. Matador is reissuing their latest full-length, Love Comes Close, on November 3rd. It is avaliable for pre-order on CD and wax over at Insound.

MP3: Cold Cave – Life Magazine

Parlour Steps hail from Vancouver, British Columbia, and have just released their third full length, The Hidden Names. The Hidden Names is an ambitious affair that features pretty acoustic ballads; intricately arranged tunes; and epic, energetic rockers in the style of the Decemberists and Franz Ferdinand.

MP3: Parlour Steps – Bleeding Hearts
MP3: Parlour Steps – Little Pieces

Ben’s Imaginary Band is the sole product of Benjamin Romvari who was born in Budapest and resides in Victoria, British Columbia. Ben writes beautiful, dreamy acoustic indie pop ballads that are equally reminiscent of Seven Swans-era Sufjan Stevens and Casiotone For The Painfully Alone. Acoustic guitar and lullaby-sweet lyrics are accented by glockenspiel flourishes. He has recently released a new EP, Trust, which is available as a free download from his site. If you need some convincing check out these fantastic samples first:

MP3: Ben’s Imaginary Band – Slapback
MP3: Ben’s Imaginary Band – The Magical Floating Bed