Local Pairing: Pc Muñoz - What's Happened?! (paired w/ Millenium) - Turntable Kitchen
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Local Pairing: Pc Muñoz – What's Happened?! (paired w/ Millenium)

This week’s local pairing is Pc Muñoz, a San Francisco based producer, beat-maker and artist. His latest album, “What Happened?!” is being offered as a free download at threcords. The album, which has been described as a “mash-note to hip hop” by Muñoz, is a collection of remixes, bonus tracks from his prior album, and instrumentals, accapellas, etc. So, unsurprisingly, like any collection of b-sides, remixes and instrumentals, some tracks are more engaging than others. What is surprising though, is that despite that caveat, the collection works nonetheless as a very satisyfing album.

Perhaps most striking is the diversity of the music contained on “What Happened?!.” Although the album could be briefly referenced as a smooth collection of light-hearted hip hop and funk – that description doesn’t really capture the feel of the album. Muñoz experiments with a number of genres on the album, and to generally great success. For example, the track “Freaky Delights” simultaneously calls to mind Prince, David Bowie and Chromeo; and the dark hip hop of “The Master Thief” is most reminiscent of the experimental rap of Dalek. It can be tricky business when an artist dips his toe into too many bodies of water on one album, but Muñoz manages to successfully keep this collection cohesive, in part because his delivery suggests a wry, tongue-in-cheek sense of humor throughout the album. As I mentioned before, it is a free download, so get check it out for yourself.

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