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Single Serving: J. Kingz – Rockhead EP (Aesop Rock v. Portishead Mash-Ups)

For today’s Single Serving I wanted to share a pretty awesome remix project I stumbled upon probably close to a year ago or more. J. Kingz made an EP full of mash-ups he put together of Aesop Rock vs. Portishead entitled Rockhead. I’m a fan of both Aesop Rock and Portishead, but I was somewhat skeptical before I actually listened to this project. To J. Kingz credit, the mash-ups work beautifully, and should appeal to all Aesop Rock fans, and probably a great number of Portishead fans.

My favorite mash-up on the EP is his mix of Aesop Rock’s “Babies With Guns” with Portishead’s “Roads.” I’ve provided the separate download of that track below, but you can download a .zip file of the whole Rockhead EP from this Megaupload link.

J. Kingz – Babies With Guns / Roads (Aesop Rock v. Portishead)