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Musical Pairings: Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (paired w/ watermelon gazpacho)

This watermelon soup serves as the first course of eating/sf’s summer menu. It is a delicious summertime dish that is surprisingly complex. It features an initial sweetness that would be expected from a soup made primarily from watermelon, but as the sweetness subsides, it reveals a little unexpected heat from the jalapeno. It is a great starter that really wakes up your taste buds, and therefore requires an album that will also wake you up and facilitate engaging conversation. I have the perfect album: PhoenixWolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. In fact, I’ve been eager to pair this album with the right recipe for the past couple of months or so, and so I’m happy to have found a great pairing for what is probably one of the top ten best albums to have been released so far this year. Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is sweet, light and carefree. It is a perfect album for your small gathering or a dinner for two.

Phoenix is a French indie, electro-rock band from Versailles, France. The story is that they originally were formed to act as the backing band for a remix of Air’s classic cut “Kelly Watch the Stars.” Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix opens with the strong one-two punch of the catchy, bouncy fun of “Lisztomania” and the excellent, shimmery rocker, “1901.” The two tracks are so good they are guaranteed to get stuck in your noggin for days at a time, but you would be well-advised to not get caught up on just those two tracks: the entire album is solid due to stylish, intriguing songwriting. Other attention grabbers on the album include “Lasso” and the effortlessly cool “Fences.” Cop this album on wax over at Insound.

The Hood Internet – Shoeing Horses in 1901 (Phoenix v. Why? Mash-up)

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