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Musical Pairings: Matt & Kim – Matt & Kim (paired with banana bread with chocolate and ginger)

Like Kasey, and probably like most of our readers, I have associations with banana bread. Specifically, I associate it with childhood. In fact, I still have lots of great memories of mom’s banana bread, which of course for many years was the only “good” banana bread. However, unlike some of my other favorite childhood foods (i.e. Fruity Pebbles, Oreos and the uncooked cake batter than I would eat with my younger brother when our parents were away), I never grew out of this stuff either. And it still makes me feel good, and although it probably isn’t an especially “healthy” food-stuff, it isn’t as bad for you as the other childhood favorites. Accordingly, I think banana bread, especially a banana bread with crystallized ginger and chocolate, deserves a pairing that calls to mind the excitement of childhood. Thus, Matt & Kim‘s self-titled debut album is a perfect pairing for this banana bread recipe – after all, you’d be hard pressed to find a band that plays and performs with more enthusiasm and excitement.

Matt and Kim are a hyper indie-punk duo from Brooklyn, formed by keyboard player Matt Johnson and drummer Kim Schifino. Their fun music is simple but dance-y, and filled with an almost child-like earnest jubilation and energy. The album opens with the chugging “It’s A Fact (Printed Stain),” a track that reaches a hyper-drive feel-good state about a minute in thanks to the insistent full-throttle drumming provided by Kim as well as Matt’s warm, bouncy keys and lively vocals. Matt & Kim retain this animated, breathlessness for the length of their entire eponymous album. Album standouts include “Dash After Dash,” “Yea Yeah,” “No More Long Years,” and “5K.” Of course, it is worth taking the time to hear the music for yourself:

Matt & Kim – Yea Yeah
Matt & Kim – 5K
Matt & Kim – Silver Tiles
The Hood Internet – Good Ol’ Fashioned Rump Shaker (Matt & Kim v. The Beastie Boys)

Matt & Kim’s live performance is just as hyper and caffeintated as their album. Check out this video I recorded of the track “Silver Tiles” from a Matt & Kim performance in San Francisco opening for Girl Talk in November 2006:


Head back to our homepage to get the recipe for this delicious banana bread. Head over to Insound to pick up Matt & Kim’s album.