Single Serving: Topless - Letter To My Future - Turntable Kitchen
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Single Serving: Topless – Letter To My Future

Topless - So Below

Earlier today I mentioned how that new Yumi Zouma track was perfect for making stress dissipate. Well, sometimes its actually more fun to sorta revel in it. You know, instead of letting stress dissipate, to let it energize us. To blast some high energy punk jams and just bounce off the damn walls.

Well, Topless are the perfect soundtrack for that. I sorta stumbled upon their Bandcamp page recently while familiarizing myself with up-and-coming bands from Turntable Kitchen’s new home in Seattle. “Letter To My Future” is one of my favorite cuts from the record with it’s buzz saw guitars, defiant vocals, and those damn-near-perfect backing vocals that overlap the chorus following the bridge.

The whole album is pretty spot on too. In particular I’m a little in love with tracks like the fun and upbeat “She’s a Pistol” and the Seven-sampling title track “So Below.”