Single Serving: Lantern's on the Lake - Through the Cellar Door - Turntable Kitchen
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Single Serving: Lantern’s on the Lake – Through the Cellar Door


With Hazel Wilde’s delicate voice, a soft cross-stick drum beat and whimsical guitar plucking, Lanterns on the Lake‘s latest single “Through the Cellar Door” starts out very warm and inviting. However just as you feel at peace within this serene world they’ve created for you, the floor falls out beneath your feet and you are transported to another dimension, carried on a wave of electric distortion and triumphant drums; instantly evoking beautiful illusions at the speed of dreams.

“Through the Cellar Door” is a relatively short and epic musical journey; your adrenaline will rush in direct correlation to the volume you crank it to, and just like a drug it will leave you craving another ride just as the guitars fade towards the end.

In the world of fantasy there is a certain connotation to a common door, it can become a portal to another world and all you have to do is pass through. It is also very well known in the world of phonaesthetics (the study of the inherent pleasantness of the sound of certain words or phrases), that the phrase “cellar door” itself has been cited as an example of one of the most beautiful in the English language in terms of sound alone. You just can’t help but wonder if the title of “Through the Cellar Door” is a poetic bridge of beauty joining the inherent mystical allure of the song with the the endless number worlds inside our brains.

Lanterns on the Lake’s forthcoming album, Beings, will be released this Friday and I am excited to hear what is locked inside.