Single Serving: B.Miles - Shaking Hands - Turntable Kitchen
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Single Serving: B.Miles – Shaking Hands

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Los Angeles based newcomer, B. Miles (AKA Brenna Miles), is back with her second ever single, “Shaking Hands”

Like something from a murder movie scene, “Shaking Hands” is smooth, dark and dangerous; corrupting instrumentals and ghostly floating oooooo’s set the dingy basement-like stage where you can feel Brenna’s breath on the back of your neck and her lips kiss your ears while she slowly circles your tense silhouette with her voice, taunting you to pull the trigger: “look me in the eye and tell me what you’re waiting for.”

By the end of the song she will be crawling under your skin and have you feeling like committing a crime has never seemed so sexy. It’s a deliciously evil track and I can’t wait to hear what other wicked songs she has lurking around the studio.