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Single Serving: Caribou – Our Love

Caribou - Can't Do Without You

In no way has this summer been the summer of Caribou, but it has been a summer bookended by Caribou. Back in June, the Canadian producer dropped the first single from his forthcoming Our Love, and now, as August comes to a close, he’s released the album’s equally restrained title track.

“Our Love” is a study in the way relationships shift as they grow. The track’s build ups and individual movements model the unpredictable twists and turns, big moments and let downs that come with connection; the only lyrics at play are “our” and “love,” which morph from unintelligible sounds to crystal clear words as the track gradually expands, as a relationship reveals its true form over time.

And if laying out all of its pieces makes “Our Love” seem overly ambitious and kind of complicated, just enjoy its tasteful yet whomping bass. This one will have you moving. You can pre-order Our Love here.